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Anti-Spam Policy

Inboxify follows a strict anti spam policy and prohibits users from sending unsolicited commercial emails in any form while using our services. Inboxify was designed to give developers and legitimate marketers tools to deliver transactional emails.

If you use our service to spam, we will be forced to blocked your Inboxify account immediately. Moreover, we will not make a refund.

If you notice any suspected abuse, please report it to info (at) ISPs and Blacklists Administrators may also contact us at the same abuse email address. When reporting abuse, please forward the complete email in question, including headers.

About Spam

In order to send emails via Inboxify, you have to receive permission from your addressees. Otherwise, any email will be considered as spam. For those who ask a technical definition of spam, we refer to Spamhaus: an electronic message is “spam” if:

(A) the recipient’s personal identity and context are irrelevant because the message is equally applicable to many other potential recipients; AND

(B) the recipient has not verifiably granted deliberate, explicit, and stillrevocable permission for it to be sent.
We at Inboxify prefer to use the textbook definition. Please note that we take the issue of spam very seriously because our business depends on the ability to secure whitelisted status with internet service providers.

With Inboxify, you can send only system generated messages. No spam is allowed!

If you have doubts about something you want to do via Inboxify and are not sure if we consider it to be spam, please contact us.

Policy Enforcement

1. Postal Address
You must provide your true and accurate postal address that will be included in each message footer. You are required to maintain and promptly update this data to ensure it is current, complete and accurate. We actively monitor all outgoing messages to verify that proper sender’s information is included in the message content.

2. Removals
You must respect any request from the recipient to be removed from further mailings from your company, if such request has been submitted electronically or manually.

3. Monitoring
All mailing is being monitored by our experienced team and if we discover that you are sending emails to people without their permissions, we will stop your account immediately without any notice.

4. From and replyto verification
We verify that all from addresses are fully legitimate so that spoofing cannot occur.

Consequence of Spamming

If you spam using your Inboxify account, we will be forced to take following actions.
You can be sure to expect the following:

1. Your account will be terminated immediately.
2. No refund will be made.
You may expect the following:

1. Compensation in case your spamming activity causes any interruptions in our ability to service our other customers.
2. Legal action against you!
We don’t automatically presume culpability. We take it upon ourselves to investigate all instances of potential spam before coming to a decision.

Inboxify is intended for businesses and organizations who have an established list of permission based optin email addresses. We provide our product only to those who follow our no tolerance, anti-spam policy.